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Long Beach, CA
reply to Boricua

Re: Where's Steve...

Proud I voted with Steve on all the initiatives but one. I'm lazy and prop 40 couldn't overcome my default NO positions.

Prop 37 creeps me out for the reasons Steve says. I follow farming stuff and prop 37 supporters have been blowing up facebook with links. Those bill writers were smart to put it on the ballot during an election year when so many Californians vote. Its clear that Prop 37 supporters ignored Enforcement provision of that bill that imposes the burden on retailers.

Biz Guy 64

reply to Boricua
Prop 30 was the last straw for me... This wealthy guy is moving to NV or TX. CA is too crowded, far too expensive and now carries the distinct privilege of having the highest state tax rate on the planet. There are not enough rich people in the USA to tax in order to continue the madness of our uncontrolled spending. The easiest 15% raise I can give myself is to simply move. My new home will be less expensive, more luxurious and completely paid for by not having to pay any state income tax. Good luck CA... Peace!

Sun N Sand
But... it's only a "temporary" tax increase!