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Doc Lithius

Rock, MI

[HN9000] Speed Problems and Disconnect Problems

I've been putting off posting this since there's been a whole lot of bad weather in our are lately, but I've been having some seriously bad issues with my HN9000 system lately...

Firstly, the connection has been absolutely horrendous as of lately, even during the quiet parts of the day. Or what should be the quiet parts of the day, anyway. No speed or ping test gives me accurate results and, generally speaking, reports I'm getting the usual speeds of around 0.25 Mbps download and 0.10 Mbps download (though I do get quite a number of "speed spikes" on my download test at Speedtest.net when I didn't used to), but my internet connection doesn't seem like it's actually giving me that. When TurboPage Function is enabled, I get random timeouts and disconnects downloads tend to not download correctly if they're bigger than, say, your average image in size. (YouTube videos are especially random in this regard.) But you know, I've gotten to a point where I pretty much expect that this is going to happen; that this is the norm. I've seen countless other threads about this and similar problems, so I'm not all alone in boat out there. On the other problem I'm having, however...

Secondly and foremost, my modem has gotten into a habit of just utterly failing on me. Either that, or it's my router. But given what happens, I'm leaning more toward my modem. Here's what's going on:
At random times during the day, or during the night, I'll totally lose my connection to the internet. It doesn't matter if TurboPage is enabled or disabled, but it does seem like it's more prone to happen if there's internet activity going on at the time. (Downloads, web browsing, passive "check-ins" from chat clients...) For example, when I was downloading the entire World of Warcraft client progressively over the course of two weeks of free periods (Can you do that on Gen4, huh? Huh?! ;P), I would continually lose my connection while downloading.
Now here's the strange part. While this is happening, I completely and totally cannot access my modem page. However... I can still access my router page. Even more strange, what fixed the problem every single time this happened, and continues to fix the problem, is simply resetting the router. Releasing and renewing the IP information also worked, but not as consistently as flat-out resetting the router.

My WRT160N router does not report any problems are appear to have lost the IP or DNS information during these periods and the modem itself appears to still be functioning perfectly. The LAN light is on and the incoming/outgoing lights still blink. It's only after resetting the router or releasing/renewing the IP information that I can access the modem page again as well as connect to the internet.

So basically, I have no idea whatsoever if it's my modem, or my router. I tried plugging the modem into my laptop, but either my laptop's EtherNet port is busted (despite blinking and lighting up normally), or something screwy is going on with the modem itself (despite the modem's LAN light displaying). If anyone has any information on this, I would be greatly appreciative for the help. This is starting to get extremely frustrating. I can kind of cope with the absolutely horrible speeds around-the-clock, but I'm losing my patience with the internet outright dropping off on me with no explanation...

And before anyone asks, I don't have an alternate router or an alternate computer to hook the modem into directly for testing purposes. Moving one of the desktops into the "modem room" would just be too much trouble and I'd really rather not unless I absolutely, positively have no other option. Sorry.
ISP: HughesNet Satellite Internet
Modem Model: HN9000
Service Plan: Grandfathered ProPlus -- 425 MB + 100 MB/day, 1050 MB total, 1.6 Mbps DL; 250 Kbps UL)

A Tech

LAN port is out. Hook up direct to modem and watch the LAN connection. It will connect and disconnect. Justa hunch.

Doc Lithius

Rock, MI
reply to Doc Lithius
That was my first thought, too, but when I hook my laptop into the modem directly, my laptop can't connect to the internet at all, but the LAN light on the moment remains solid. I also haven't seen it blink or flicker even during the "down times" I mentioned. It'd certainly be nice if it turns out to be just the modem, though!