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West Tenness
reply to C0deZer0

Re: XBox 360...sell to Gamestop?

said by C0deZer0:

said by Metatron2008:

I don't get why people sell to lamestop for palty sums when they can just ebay

Oh, let me count the ways:
•Fees eBay charges to list/sell anything on the site, which creates the phenomena of many items having shipping rates more expensive than the cost of the item in question
•Nobody will buy from someone that hasn't built a reputation in the hundreds already
NUMEROUS buying/selling scams done by getting dodgy with ebay's own rules, thereby ensuring a bad experience for either side
•A lack of trust that I have with regards to eBay that - for as much as has gone on with the site - is something I may not ever get over.

The depressing thing is that failstop gets away with their meager offers because they know that they're effectively a monopoly where they have business. As I said to another previously regarding this, where I currently live, I'd have to go more than 20 miles away to find a single actual pawn shop, and I would find no less than six Failstops within the same radius, and at least three on the way to said pawn shop. It's frustrating as heck, that's for sure.

Amazon has trade ins.