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reply to Goggalor

Re: XBox 360...sell to Gamestop?

said by Goggalor:

said by bionicRod:

I am no longer a 360 owner. The 360 with 4 older games (Darksiders, Dark Souls, Kinect Adventures and the Biggest Loser game of the wife's) netted me $175 if anyone is interested. I didn't sell the Kinect as they only offered me $12 for it. I can do better than that unloading it on a friend.

How much did you get for Dark Souls? If the system netted you $150, then the four games netted you only $25.

I'll have to check the receipt and get back to you, but I knew the games wouldn't bring in much as they were all older titles and Gamestop sucks (and I know, Dark Souls was awesome and worth more). I bought DS and Darksiders used for cheap anyway so I wasn't concerned.

I did however turn that store credit into $170 in Steam cards and a preorder of the PS3 version of the next Assassin's Creed.