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pssed off



This is the worst company I have ever dealt with. Their telephone operators are incredibly rude and condescending. Nobody knows what's going on. It took almost 4 full weeks just to initiate service with me doing all the work.... I should have taken this as a sign. The service is abysmal.........it is actually worse than dial up from the nineties.... the only time the speed is adequate is between 2 and 4 am. PATHETIC... do NOT use this service. IT IS CRAP.... IT IS AWFUL...... I am trapped for 6 months as I have no choice and have already prepaid..........

Acanac Inc
Mississauga, ON


I am sorry to hear about your problems. If I can help please let me know.

AS for being trapped this is not the case at all. You can leave at any time. We would just charge you at the rate you call on and return you the rest. For example if you took a 12 month plan and are 6 months into it we would charge you at the 6 month rate and return the remainder.

Once again I am here to help.


Burlington, ON
·Distributel Cable
Thanks! I'm happy that you guys care to read what we have to say!

I got a refund yesterday (after 6 weeks), but it is around 100$ less the amount I paid, I ran the numbers and the only combination that worked is the (service fees+dry loop) and it looks like you guys didn't refund the service activation fees which is 76+tax. It doesn't make sense to pay 100$ to try your service and find out that it doesn't work for me, does it?
I think there is still something wrong because your Ad says Full refund, unless I missed something...


Burlington, ON
·Distributel Cable
reply to pssed off


I'll try to be constructive, but problem is Acanac doesn't leave much space to leave a constructive comment...
I've been a home phone customer of Acanac since 2007 since I couldn't get their internet back then when I was in a different city, and I've been very happy ever since until I requested to cancel my phone line and I had to face some "difficulties" in communications but at the end, Acanac managed to give me what I want which is great!

On the other end, I agree with your comment about Telephone agents, they are negative by default, they turn defensive from the first greeting even if you try to be positive, I would assume it is because of the volume of the negative calls may be? but generally they are abrasive and not friendly at all.
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