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Bless you Howie
reply to PeteC2

Re: Northeaster's, guess who's coming to dinner?

Last year I think we went 8 days no power. After three days I finally got a shower, thanks to my roommate of the time, an emergency responder.

This time I don't have that, but I live in the city so maybe my power will be out for a shorter time. What will suck is food going bad. And not being able to check on alain and son. But I'm going to the store today, I'm gonna get some canned foods and bottled water. As I live in the city, hopefully power will be restored quicker.

I will probably be working, too, because of the nature of the job.

Everybody be safe and prepare the best as you can!

One of my sisters is annoyed with hubby, he refuses to buy a generator, and they can easily budget it, he's being stubborn. Why go without power for a week or more when you can generate? And they live on well water, too.
Join Teams Helix and Discovery. Rest in Peace, Leonard David Smith, my best friend, you are missed badly! Rest in peace, Pop, glad our last years were good. Please pray for Colin, he has ependymoma, a brain cancer, donate to a children's Hospital.