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BHN Staff
Saint Petersburg, FL

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BHN Customers - How to Remove FBI MoneyPak Virus (updated)

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Over the past few months we've seen a significant increase in "ransomware" type virus activity and our security department was kind enough to produce a document that provides information on how to remove this nasty stuff.

The FBI MoneyPak Ransomware virus is delivered to a computer via a Trojan horse. Once infected an image that appears to be from the FBI begins to display on the monitor. It alleges the computer has been involved in illegal activity (downloading of copyrighted material, viewing child pornography, etc.) and states an obligation to pay a release fee (fine), through Green Dot MoneyPak cards, to unlock the computer.

This malware is totally fraudulent, the claims unfounded, and by paying the fine the virus will not be fixed. This virus often will prevent the user from using the computer normally due to the FBI screen enshrouding the display.

We have provided the instructions in both Word and PDF format now.
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This was first discussed in our Security Forum in August:
»Reveton Ransomware uses Fake FBI Message to Extort Money

If anyone suspects they have this issue, their are many choices available to you:
1 - you can post in the »Security Cleanup forum
Be sure to read an follow the required steps found in the faq:
»Security Cleanup FAQ »Mandatory Steps Before Requesting Assistance

2 - You can read the attachment(s) in the post above.

3 - You can post in the »Bright House Networks Direct Forum
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