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·Bell Sympatico
reply to nitzguy

Re: [Serious] The TCH is not contiguous currently.

Closed? there is no highway at that point, its non-existent and in several places it appears.

I was going to say they (the cars) might have drove in (drivers can be quite dumb at times), however with the sign in the background its seems those are (now "used") new cars lined up at the dealership. The ground probably just slumped away gradually as the edge of the washed out area grew and little by little the cars just fell in. In a few hours that ugly giant SUV will be resting at the bottom along with the rest.

The ground looks very sandy with gravel, I wonder if this spot of the road was built up years ago during construction over a wet area. With enough flow it would be easily pushed out or flushed away, however here the ground is super saturated with water, it slumps away and flows downhill.