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Ottawa, ON
reply to dabonz

Re: Rogers High Speed Internet Issues

You Believe these bozo's I was suppose to get a Rogers Guy here at my place to figure out whats going wrong with my Internet there were suppose to show up Between 5PM-8PM and its like 7:10pm so I decided to call these bafoons to see what up ..the guy tells me that someone try to call me and i told him that whom ever told you that is a filthy liar cuz my cell phone did not ring once to day except for 1 call ..then he says you're modem seems to be online so whats seems to be the problem what a fooken bozo yeah for the next hour or so

It disconnected 5 times today i had to reboot the router 3 times
Then he tells me I will get 1 week credit for $50..

What a bunch of bozo's there... I tell ya I will be going to bell
what kinda of outfit is that lousy service but I tell ya @ the end of the month they are sure fast enuff of taking my money tho

I will be phoning some type of supervisor this week and tell what fooken lousy service you guys run

Just U Wait

said by dabonz:

What a bunch of bozo's there... I tell ya I will be going to bell

If you think Rogers is a bunch of bozo's wait till you try Bell.

Oh yes, you will get to use stronger language than Bozo once you get Bell. Believe you me

btw, I never did understand that phrase, "believe you me", but just you wait. Oh yes, you will wait, and wait and wait and.. oh wait! Is that a tech coming at your door to install Bell? Nope, its the morgue. You died waiting and stunk up the place. Bell called you on the line they never installed to tell you Bell will be there shortly.