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[App Update] Agnitum Outpost 7.6 Released

Outpost Firewall Pro 7 and Outpost AntiVirus Pro 7 offer subsets of the suite’s functionality, focused respectively on protection against hacker attacks and malware protection.
Outpost solutions traditionally combine proactive and reactive security measures aimed at preventing infection before it tries to spread over and targeted approach to every registered virus, respectively.
Outpost 7 incorporates enhanced automatic protection of digital data. As with previous versions the new Outpost adheres to preemptive defense against both known and zero-day threats, which ensures virus-free environment for users of all levels. As for advanced users, they will like the ability to tweak and tune provided by the whole lot of new analysis tools and configuration opportunities.

Agnitum Outpost 7.6 Released
Outpost Security Suite Pro 7.6
Outpost Firewall Pro 7.6
Outpost Antivirus Pro 7.6

Supported OS: (x86) / 107 (x64) (x86)
Build number: (3984.645.1842)
Release Date: October 26th 2012

The following improvements have been made:
• Windows 8 support: general drivers support
• Windows 8 support: blocking of infected Metro applications
• Capabilities of suspicious files detection and sending them for analysis are extended
• Windows Action Center support is improved
• Processing of IPv6 addresses is improved
• ICMPv6 support in firewall rules names
• Logs are moved from the product folder into the common Application Data folder
• Blockpost module operation in suspended protection mode is improved
The following issues have been fixed:
• Issues with torrent clients are fixed (zero connections, slow-downs, freezes)
• Attack Detection issues are fixed, reaction logic in case of multiple attackers is improved
• BSOD’s caused by network applications operation in fast networks are fixed
• Blocking and freezing issues caused by the content filtering mechanism are fixed
• Low-level rules priority issues are fixed

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