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MTK 2011LS bogging down

We have a MTK 2011LS working just as a switch for a leg of our network, it's using 4 of its 10 Ethernet ports(all backhauls). It normally sees 3-11mbps traffic. The problem we are having is that every now and then, it causes the latency to go quite high(in the 100's). A reboot clears it all up! BTW, we used to have a 24port Dell switch(can't recall the model) that would lock up--I thought it was dying and it was replaced with the MTK. I don't know enough about MTK to diagnose the problem, any help would be greatly appreciated.


Might be a faulty switch chip - I've seen that on one of my 2011s. They have one chip for each 5-port group. Try moving all 4 cables to the other port group.


Thanks WVNet, I did try a different unit but the problem persists:( This POP is actually a distribution point, we don't have any sectors--just 4 PtP links. The whole network is flat with some PPPoE. There is just no pattern as to when the latency will increase, fortunately, the MTK allows rebooting which solves the issue--for a time.


reply to Chele
Do you bridge your cpe's by chance ?

How many entry’s or KB is your cam table presently ? (assuming mikrotik will tell you).