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[Updated] [Free] eTools 4.0 released

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eToolz 4.0 release
by Werner Rumpeltesz - 26.10.2012

• Includes some of the most importatnt Internet and network tools like NS Lookup, Ping, TraceRoute and Whois.
• The most importatnt DNS entries can be shown (A, PTR, NS, MX, TXT und SOA).
• Automatic or manual query for Whois server incl. automatic redirection.
• Query the Google PageRank for an URL.
• Mail addresses can be checked for validity.
• Mail headers can be broken down and the received lines can be checked for plausibility.
• Query and update the system time using various time servers.
• Query the external IP address and the external host name through Web services.
• Display the installed and available network adapters and their corresponding IPv4 statistics.
• Display the HTTP headers for a URL.
• eToolz supports internationalized domain names.
• eToolz is portable and can be used on USB devices.

Changelog (google translation)

[!] The settings and data files of version 3.x are not compatible with the new version 4.0. eToolz 4 should therefore not be used in the same folder as eToolz 3.x.
[+] At the time of the query (see "Time") and the time difference to the local system time and the last time the server is displayed.
[+] When reviewing an e-mail address with "e-check", if available, read the external IP address and / or the external host name. Thus, this information must not be queried separately.
[+] The external IP address and the external host name can be queried alternately by multiple Web servers. The data can be read out using regular expressions.
[+] The overview of the network adapter in "computer owners" now contains additional information and optional statistics.
[+] Various additional options to a few tools have been added.
[+] With the new tool "email header analyzer" can e-mail headers broken and the Received: lines are checked for plausibility.
[+] Professional: For web requests, e.g. under "PageRank" or "HTTP Header" are now in the settings a user agent and referer are set.
[+] Professional: With the new tool "MultiPing" Multiple hosts can be pinged in the same address range.
[+] Professional: With the new tool "Multirank" can be queried Google PageRank of multiple URLs at the same time.
[+] The "This computer" can now also the external host name is displayed and queried.
[+] The "lists" can now find port numbers, or TLDs also an entire column to search. Furthermore, the output has been changed from a simple list in a list with column view.
[+] The "e-check" when specifying a custom MX server can specify a port number (separated by a colon from the hostname or IP address).
[*] Instead of tabs, the selection of tools via buttons on a toolbar. The title can also be ausgebledet individually.
[*] The DNS queries have been improved. Furthermore, the output of the SOA information is now clearer.
[*] The help was from a RTF document converted to a Windows HTML Help file (CHM) and much more detailed design.
[I] Users of the Professional version can be used with the obtained license file, the Professional features in version 4.

Website: »www.gaijin.at/en/dlet.php

For english program click - 'Extras' (menu bar)
Gladiator Security Forum: www.gladiator-antivirus.com/


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