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"New in box, unopened" 598U... ESN Already in use?

Bought a new Sierra Wireless 598U off of eBay, got it in the mail and signed up with Millenicom. I then got an email back saying that the ESN was already in use by an account on the sprint network.

The device looked pristine. It had the clear plastic scratch guard sticker attached in perfect condition. The modem itself was even contained inside of a completely sealed plastic baggy -- the modem couldn't have been used unless it was repackaged inside of the bag using the proper type of machine.

I plugged in the device and checked out the information stored on it. The ESN was used by an engineering corporation based in Ohio.

Sprint tech support was pretty bad, I called multiple times getting different answers. One told me to bring it to a sprint retailer, one told me the ESN didn't exist, one told me it was registered to a corporation and I had to call back because the Corporation portion of sprint was closed.

I am not sure when I will be able to bring it to a retailer or if I should bother when I get the chance.

Any idea if bringing it to a retailer and showing them the packaging/condition of the unit if they are able to deactivate the previous account on the unit?

The eBay user isn't the previous owner of the device, he was supposedly selling it as a new unopened unused unit.

Apart from returning it to who I bought it from, any hope for me with this device?



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Sorry to double post but it's not letting me edit my original post for some reason?

I finally got a good customer service rep at 4:12 AM EST this is what she told me;

The device account was suspended by the Corporation who owned it. The ESN is in good standing (not stolen, no unpaid bills) she said they just didn't need the device. That may explain why it was still packaged and unused?

She said that the problem is probably that it is "Locked" to sprint because it was already used on their network. She told me I could possibly Unlock it and then I would be clear to use it at Millenicom. I asked if there was any way Sprint could do that for me and she said no.

Does this make sense to anyone? Going to google a bit and see if I can find a way to unlock it.


Kansas City, MO
said by boondockEVDO:

Does this make sense to anyone? Going to google a bit and see if I can find a way to unlock it.

No it doesn't to me. Sprint devices are not locked, it's sprint's network that is locked.

It sounds like you should return it to the ebay seller to me, make sure you let them know that sprint shows it in use (suspended isn't the same as a canceled line).



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Thanks dib, just going to return it and buy one with a clean ESN then.

As a word of advice to anyone out there, get the ESN checked even if it's new in the box and unopened. :P