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Tech Nut

Fort Lauderdale, FL
reply to rody_44

Re: HBO GO not available from Comcast on Samsung TV

said by rody_44:

Are you telling me you subscribe to hbo and you cant get it on your samsung tv?

Yup, I have a Samsung 2011 TV and have an HBO Go app but it won't work as it says my provider, Comcast, does not enable that feature. It will work on the Xbox 360 as people freaked out and Comcast took heat for blocking it. It also doesn't work on Roku boxes which almost all other providers have also. Like I said though they blocked all methods at first but eventually caved on the 360 when people complained. There is a huge post in the official Comcast forums too. It will work if you have a Android or iPhone but Comcast just doesn't support Roku or Samsung TV's. It is crazy that they are blocking this as you would think they would want to open up every available method of access to their service, guess not...
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