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Brackney, PA

[TWC] New Service

I live in a fairly rural area, but there is Time Warner Cable service in the area. I really want to use their service since there is currently no broadband option from the phone company, I currently use Dish Network for my tv and I really have no complaints about them.

I had TWC do a survey to bring their cable to my house and they told me it would cost about $33,000 to do it! I don't expect to get it for free but obviously that is way out of my budget. They explained to me that they have to follow the electric poles and the nearest cable service following the poles is over 3 miles away through not very nice terrain.

So I went and did a survey in my area and discovered, on the edge of my property (I have 600 acres) there is a pole with TWC service on it. (This pole is no way connected to the one that goes by my house, its actually a completely different electric company) And at that location they offer their 30/5 connection, which is much faster than I'll probably ever use.

So my question is, is there a way for me to run the cable myself across my property? I do have the ability to put a shed or small structure on that end of the property to house a cable modem/cable box if needed. The distance in a straight line is 2700ft. I know thats a long way but is there a signal amplifier or something I could use? I haven't contacted TWC about this yet, maybe they would have a solution.



Anaheim, CA
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Why not go wireless? You could get them to install a modem inside a weatherproof box you provide at the nearest point they will run it to. You'd be responsible for getting power to it.

You'll need a wireless bridge set like this:

Here is a Bridge kit: »www.ccrane.com/antennas/wifi-ant···dDetails

and you'll need two of these antennas for it: »www.ccrane.com/antennas/wifi-ant···arGl26GM

(P.S. I copied this post from TheTechGuru in Charter thread)
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Columbus, OH
reply to theycallmepj
$33,000 is an excellent price for a three mile run.

For the 2,700 foot run TWC will have to determine if an extension is possible from that point. It depends upon how many amplifiers and how many feet of cable are between that point and the node. Cable distribution systems (the coax portion) are entirely analog, and each cable company has standards for how many/much equipment can be daisy chained.

At least one amplifier will be needed in the 2,700 foot run, so it will not be cheap.