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Aptos, CA
reply to pflog

Re: [Speed] Comcast Business Class Speed Upgraded in California

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during speedboost
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after speedboost
Mine looks pretty awesome. ~20 seconds of speedboost, then it drops down and is solid.

Edit: test run at ~7am Saturday 10/27 - network was quiet, everyone else still sleeping

Host machine: Linux schettino.us 2.6.32-42-generic-pae #95-Ubuntu SMP Wed Jul 25 16:13:09 UTC 2012 i686 GNU/Linux

Modem: SMCD3 (uptime is 9 days, so last reboot was 18th)

Plan is "Stater" with 5 static IPs.

said by pflog:

said by JohnInSJ:

said by pflog:

ropeguru See Profile - since you said you're not seeing the erratic speeds after PB ends, would you mind collecting some data? There is a wireshark version for windows if you're not on a mac/linux/bsd box. Would you mind generating a pcap trace as I've done so I can look at it?

I can help you find a local mirror so we're comparing apples to apples for the test.

I'd be happy to as well (via linux) for 15/3 speeds

Edit: just tell me what to do to recreate your scenario

Thanks appreciate it! I've been doing the following:

as root: tcpdump -i em0 -w speed.pcap host
as user: wget »ftp://freebsd.isc.org/pub/FreeBSD/ISO-···vefs.iso

Then I open up speed.pcap in wireshark, then click the Statistics menu and then IO graph (thanks espaeth See Profile for the info on IO graph, it's much better than the tcp throughput graph).

From there, to get those 3 10s groups of images, I set:

X axis tick interval: 0.01s
X axis pixels per tick: 1
Y axis units: Bytes/tick

Then you can scroll left/right to see a zoomed in view of the traffic. In my cast right around 23.5 seconds in, speeds fall off then go into their sawtooth pattern. Your duration of PB may vary of course

Thanks for doing this!

My place : »www.schettino.us

Bueller? Bueller?
El Dorado Hills, CA
Awesome thanks!

ComcastDJ See Profile -THAT is what the graph should look like. Please get the 27/7 plan fixed.
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