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Leicester, NC

[Line Problem] Constant Battle: Slow and Disconnecting

Hey everyone, I posted on here a while ago about my problem with AT&T DSL internet. It still hasn't been fixed and I'm getting fed up. I ran another test, I unpluged every phone (yes, they're filtered) and then power-cycled my netopia 3000 modem/router. It's still disconnecting! It usually decreases in speed, (.27 Mbps down .28 mpbs up!) and then disconnected. This happens at least 6-12 times a day! Here are some stats from the most recent disconnect w/ every phone unplugged in the house.

ADSL Line State:        Up
ADSL Startup Attempts:  1
ADSL Modulation:        ADSL2(Anx L)
ADSL Data Path:         Interleave
Datapump Version:       DSP, HAL
                       Downstream  Upstream
                        ----------  ----------
SNR Margin:             -     1.50        6.70 dB
Line Attenuation:            49.10       27.80 dB
Output Power:                18.50       10.42 dBm
Errored Seconds:                62           0
Loss of Signal:               3410        1589
Loss of Frame:                   1           0
CRC Errors:                   3198           0
Data Rate:                    3549         380 

I take online college classes so I NEED a reliable service. Unfortunately, out here in the country, AT&T is all we have (unless I go with satellite internet).

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It appears that your condition has worsened since your last post.

With DS SNR of 1.5 and US SNR of 6.7 I am surprised that you only lose sync 6-12 times per day.

If that is from the NID (or if the readings from the NID are even close to that bad), you either have a circuit/line problem or a bad modem.

Have you tried a different modem, or recently compared your inside and NID readings? Unless you are using a new modem that was recently purchased from AT&T, they are probably going to insist that you replace the modem before they even bother to do any troubleshooting. It sucks that AT&T puts the responsibility for initial troubleshooting on the customer, but that is their M.O. If you can't afford to purchase a new modem for testing purposes, you might try to borrow one from a neighbor or friend just long enough to see if your line stats are within specs with a different modem (one that you know works properly elsewhere). Connecting your modem into a friend's or neighbor's AT&T DSL connection could also provide proof that your modem is either good or bad.
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