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Jefferson, WI

[CATV] Random DVR issues

We have a Motorola DCX-3400 that just recently been giving us some issues, one issue is when switching channels we sometimes loose audio and have to switch either the dvr or tv on and off and it comes back in. and recently while watching tv the dvr just stops and screen goes blank (no signal to tv) and the dvr front panel, all the LEDS light up and the screen displays 88:88, sometimes it comes back on its own over time othertimes we have to powercycle the dvr which doesnt always work, when it does this it wont turn on or off (nothing changes when hitting power)

any ideas what would cause this, the dvr is less than a year old


Rochester, MN
Flashing 8888 is not a good sign. Might be time to swap out that DVR.