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That Chick

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Read Me First

Welcome, this is a technical forum for assisting members with problems related to Cogeco services.

Social topics are better suited elsewhere.
Posts which troll or flame other members will go "poof."

Searching, troubleshooting and posting:
•Forum search functions are located in the blue header bar.
•Site search is at the very top right hand side of the page.

If after using the search function you still don't see the answer to your question then post your question in a new thread
•Click on the "post a new topic" which is also in the header bar at the far right.
•Subject lines are best used with a bit of thought so as to draw the attention of those most able to help.
•Questions to answer are here »Questions to answer when posting for help

**Personal information should only be given to Cogeco employees via IM. They are easily identified by the VIP tag.

Don't forget to check out:
•The Links and the External Links sections in the left hand margin (Cogeco links and speed tests etc.)
Site FAQ's here
Site TOS here

•fill out an ISP review
•Grab yourself an avatar "Avatar Forum"

Mods can be contacted directly in a post using the 'hey mods' button and also at the top of the forum in the header bar.

Thanks for contributing.
Sit back, relax and have a good time,
The Mod Team

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