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North York, ON

Acanac is not doing business honestly

DON'T SUBSCRIBE FOR ACANAC. They are just CHEATING and doing business in an DISHONEST WAY.

On Aug 24, I subscribed for Cable Internet with Motorola modem but they shipped me Huawei modem without my consent. I refused to accept Huawei product and asked for refund.

On Sep 12, they promised to refund me in full within 10-14 business days. Today is Oct 27, they still not yet refund me though I have written dozen of emails to chase. Every time they just ask me to be patence and never take any action to pay me back the money.

DON'T EVER CONSIDER ACANAC unless you don't mind to go through all the headache if something goes wrong with the service and you want refund.

My experience wtih Acanac is HORRIBLE! How can you expect to have good experience with a company with BAD BUSINESS PRACTICES!

If you are consider to subscribe for a new service provider, you can just TICK OUT ACANAC from your list. I want to repeat once more. DON'T EVER CONSIDER ACANAC!!!!
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Re: Acanac is not doing business honestly


My overall experience with them wasn't super terrible in the beginning though there were a number of headaches. I was willing to put up with a slightly crappier customer service experience for the cheaper bandwidth and unlimited usage. Outages were relatively infrequent.

But now that I'm trying to leave they just pretend they don't hear me and sic their retentions dogs on me instead as if I'll change my mind. Dishonest for sure. They're basically forcing me to continue using them when I don't want to.

Toronto, ON
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Can you Please PM me your account Info and I'll have a look whats going on.



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Same here (see »Help with Acanac's refusal to refund modem fee)...

Try to post that on Acanac forum; it's al milk and honey there


Montreal, QC
·Electronic Box

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I really don't understand why you are complaining.

It's pretty clear on their Web site; they don't try to hide anything:
If you cancel within 30 days, you only be refund for the Internet access fees.

You still have to pay 75$ for the modem + 10$ for the shipping + 50$ for the activation fee for a total of 135$ plus tax.

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