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R.I.P. Donald Lee Wise

Friendly, WV
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reply to FFH5

Re: Hurricane Sandy

said by FFH5:

said by Kearnstd:

supermarkets here are swamped, Even this far inland people are doing crazyness like stocking up on milk and eggs and deli meat... all things that will go bad when the power goes off.

Should be buying canned ready to eat soups; canned meat; crackers & no refrigeration cheese spread in cans; tuna fish; etc I stuffed 2 bags of ice in the freezer - it acts as an old fashioned ice box if you leave the door closed. Keeps frozen foods good for a day or so if electric not out too long.

Ever hear or watch the TV show called extreme coupon? anyone? thats where everyone stocking up on everything.. There's this one episode i watched one time and she did'nt have to spend even a penny, the grocery cost was 2 thousand or somethin and when she got it all back to her home she showed off here canned food collection.. It was the one things that you can fill up with all kinds of cans and when u swap a can out from its dispenser, it quickly rolls/brings out another can behind it. She also had a ton of bagged junk foods like chips or doughnuts. I am pretty positive she will be ready for anything(:
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I am one of those that can survive when these things hit. Had the same generator from the ice storm of 98 heat with wood cook with propane and lots of can goods in the pantry. Been prepared for years!