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Carpentersville, IL
reply to rendrenner

Re: 6 modems listed, how do I fix this?

said by rendrenner:

You don't have 6 modems listed on your account, you have two modems listed on your account 3 times.
The old modem you took in to exchange is still ghosting on your account.

I agree with you there.

So, I have one "ghost" modem (the Thompson one), and my current modem showing up 3 times.

Before I either go to the local office, call, or post in the comcast direct forum, I want to verify I understand what I should be seeing.

Since my current modem is an eMTA, should it show up 3 times like it does, or should it only show up once under "Voice and Data Modem"? Personally, I would think it would only show up one time under "Voice and Data Modem". Its not just a cable modem, and its not just a voice modem. Its both, and seems kind of redundant for it to show up like that. However, if that is how its suppose to look (and other people who have a single eMTA see the same thing), then I won't worry about that part. I'll only worry about getting the Thompson modem off the list.

Once I get that fixed, then I'll worry about why I'm not seeing a usage meter. One thing at a time!


--Brian Plencner

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