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Arrgh - New UltraTV install broken

Hi -
I had UltraTV installed today. When the tech was here going over everything, the 2 minutes that we spent (mostly on SD channels) looked good. An hour after the installer left I sat down to enjoy my new system - and TV is basically broken. HD channels are pixelated, and after a few minutes of pixelated TV, I get a black screen with the message "Cablecard is not validated with the host. Please call customer service." For a while after that, I hear sound but not picture, so I suspect this is not the real error - it's the player detecting a bad signal. I called customer service and of course they were not able to fix it remotely and have to send a tech out .... on Monday! Needless to say I am not happy. The crazy thing is that the phone and Internet work fine. I didn't like the way the tech had put multiple splitters together, so I tried a single splitter to one tv, but that didn't help. I put the wiring back the way the tech originally installed it. I know nobody here can fix this - mostly just a warning to not make the mistake I did of letting the tech leave w/o thoughly testing everything.


Columbus, OH
Odds are you'll get the same tech that installed it back out, so beware he may be upset.


reply to himmel
at least yours is functioning. My installer left me wit completly non functining install of ultra. sat on on the phone for hours got another tech out who also left me with non functioning install. have a supervisor comming out today. Day 3