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[Extreme] New rogers modem?

I'm looking to upgrade my docsis 2.0 modem to one of the new ones so I can get the higher bandwidth/speeds. Looking on the rogers site, I have 2 modems to pick from. One is the SMC3DGN and the other is »www.rogers.com/cms/images/en/New ··· odem.png. The rogers site doesn't give any information about the second "Enhanced Wifi Modem". Anyone suggest which one I should get and what model the second one is? They both appear to be 199.99 to purchase. I don't plan on using the wifi in the modem because the built-in wifi is generally garbage (bridge mode only).



London, ON

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Yea guys. Which one of Rogers high end, state of the art, technically superior Docsis 3 Gateways should we recommend to this member?

Please do not include four letter epithets in your reply (unless you feel it more accurately describes your views).........


Scarborough, ON
Funny, but I cannot even think of one!


reply to unrealdude24
My Cisco DPC3825 has been solid in bridge mode. I have 8/4 channels enabled, and I'm awaiting 150/10 to be enabled in my area. Just keep calling until you can get one.


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I would much prefer a standalone modem over a gateway. So far, it seems impossible to get a modem such as the Thomson DCM476 or the Motorola SB6180 to get provisioned on the Rogers network. If anything I would rather keep my current modem, but I find myself going over my 95GB cap frequently which is the only reason I'm looking to purchase one. Hence, I'm researching which one I should purchase. Anyone know what the model of the second modem I mentioned above? It's not on the Futureshop/BestBuy sites either, only the SMC one.


Scarborough, ON
If you're looking to purchase, the Hitron one is technically your only option. Retail packaged SMC modems have been pulled from retail stores and they have instructed them to only sell Hitrons going forward. You can still purchase SMC and Cisco ones from the rental pool if you want, but it will be the same price as the Hitron modem and will likely be refurbished. I personally use a Cisco D3 Gateway with my own router and it's been rock solid. I would stay away from the SMC as it only supports 4x4 channel bonding and is not as future proof as the Hitron or Cisco.

Vancouver, BC
reply to unrealdude24
The second modem you linked to is the Hitron CDE-30364 modem/router combo that Rogers started using recently.

Rogers does in fact provision Thomson DCM475/476 modems on their network, however only for TPIA customers. So if you want to use one of those modems you'll need to sign up for internet through a TPIA provider (which would provide you with more usage allowance btw).