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Canopy firmware builds

I picked up a few Canopy P100 P10 APs that had 8.25 firmware. I updated them to 8.27 using my Network Updater.

I have builds from 9.4 up to 11.2 but the 9.4 release notes say that I have to go from 8.27, to 9.0, to 9.3, before I get to 9.4

Cambium doesn't have those on the software support site any more.

Soooooo, can anyone post 9.0 and 9.3 please????? I have 10 units to upgrade. If you know I can go directly from 8.27 to 9.4 without any problems, please let me know. I thought I've done that before and is probably why I don't have those versions. However, the release notes say it is ok to do that if the unit is not in service. Well, we put the AP in service and it already has 5 SMs all running 8.27, so the RNs say we have to use the correct verion path.



I found the complete list of Canopy builds for download right here:


All set ....


Queen Anne, MD
reply to GTOV8
I upgraded from 7.3.6 to 9.5 directly using CNUT without issue.

Uath Valley
reply to GTOV8
Generally if they are not operational, you upgrade to whatever you like, and then default them after updating.

The problems that might occur is when you do this in the field and expect them to behave correctly.

Motorola/Cambium has regression tested a limited number of upgrade paths that will keep your settings/operations running on the active SM.

So if they are field active, it is advisable to follow the proper upgrade path. Otherwise, you might be left in a state that wasn't tested and may cause problems. The only real threat is that the radio will need to be defaulted on the new firmware and re-programmed (truck roll).