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they need to add the "watch in SD/HD" to the premium menus

i noticed on the other sections like Free or whatever, they soemtimes give the option with the title listed to watch in SD or HD right there but all the premium channels still have completely different sections and its annoying, plus difficult since not all movies are in HD, so you're already browsing the SD so you see all options, then have to go back and check the HD section to see if its there

they need get that organised like the others

also why cant they list the on demand option when you look at the normal guide, like "up coming airings" it should have the blue star as an option to view on demand or flex view, just like when you search , so rather than telling it to record you can just watch it ondemand without going thru the menues



Re: they need to add the "watch in SD/HD" to the premi

they have for showtime.


reply to eival
can say they did same to hbo, went to watch boardwalk and had the option to watch in sd or hd