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reply to sk1939

Re: Generator Time!!!

said by sk1939:

said by alkizmo:

said by H_T_R_N:

The piece of mind knowing that if it did go out you were covered, was almost as good as not having to use it.

You know what? It's too true.
I'd rather have the generator and never have to use it, than having to use it frequently, or not having a generator and needing it that one time.

I mean, aside from man testosterone chest pounding pride that comes from showing off having a generator that runs the house furnace, tv, computer, fridge, etc, it's actually a freaking hassle to have to run outside in a snow storm to start it up, worry about gas and worry about whether or not to let it run over night.

I haven't used mine enough to worry about it honestly, I'd be better off selling the thing. Since I bought it before hurricane season last year I've used it a grand total of 6 hours. We'll see how this season goes, but since I don't have a hardwire connection like so many of you I'm stuck with the extension cord through the window, which is not worth the hastle if the power is out less than 6 hours imo, especially just to power a fridge and some lights.

Manual transfer switches are not that difficult to install if you are good with electrical wiring. The Reliance kit at Home Depot includes the inlet box and you'll need 10/3 wire along with it. The kit includes a DVD on how to install it but the video is available on YouTube. As with any electrical work, if you have ANY doubts about your ability to do it or feel the slightest bit uncomfortable doing it, hire an electrician.

It's best to install these things before the need arises like I did so you don't rush through the process. If you wait for disaster, every Home Depot within a 100 mile radius of the disaster zone will be out of stock on both transfer switches and generators along with generator accessories. And finding an electrician will be as fun as finding an A/C technician during a heat wave as electricians are not just installing generators but repairing storm damage as well (such as repairing meter sockets and service enterance equipment that is not the responsibility of the poco).
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