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South Windsor, CT

Wireless camera - motion detection

I am looking for an indoor, small room security camera that will provide images and better yet video when motion is detected.

I am debating between the Foscam FI9810w,Edimax IC-7110w or the SAT-2100. The last 2 above have the SD card and video FTP email option which sounds really good, but:

A couple of reviews claim the Edimax color is really poor
and I can't find much info on the SAT-2100,

I haven't found many forums to research these cameras on, any experience or thoughts would be appreciated.

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I would spend a few dollars more and get an ACTi-4511. I would go with the TCM-3111 for a few more dollars than that.

They are POE, a good injector is 40 dollars or less. If you plan on several or growth, get a good POE switch such as the HP Procurve E2520-8g-POE.

Back on cameras. You want them to support H.264 compression and you want monitoring/recording software to support several devices and have a smart phone app.

These cameras are available at B&H

Edit: Oh yes, you did mention wireless. ACTi makes wireless but I would certainly look at any camera you are concidering with H.264 compression, how many surveillant camera places carry it or is in the obtainable inventory and monitoring/recording software that supports it.

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reply to bobbee4
should also add make sure if you get POE hardware that the injector also is on a UPS system or in a power failure the cameras will go dead. Actually on any system make sure you have battery backup for the cameras.
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