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reply to nunya

Re: need help on replacing a kitchen light

said by nunya:

T12s are obsolete. They shouldn't even be put into consideration. T8 and T5 are more efficient and readily available. T12 magnetic ballasts have been phase out. Most standard T12 lamps were "banned" at the same time as the 100W bulb. They will be going away.

I thought it was just the magnetic ballasts for F40T12 luminaires that were banned. If I would have known the lamps were being phased out as well, I would have shelled out the extra cash to get the T8 fixtures.

So I guest this means I'll be changing the ballasts when the time comes to relamp the fixtures as well as I'll be unable to get the lamps for them.

Maybe Lowe's knew of the impending ban and sold the fixtures cheap as they knew they would become unwanted inventory that would have to be written off when the ban took effect.
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Another thing I like about the T-5s (haven't looked at much at the T-8s) is that you have a lot more color temperature options. (They may have been there for T-12, but I never really saw anything more than warm, cool, and daylight (well, there was a better Alto line from Phillips)

With the t-5s, you have a lot more phosphor options. And, you can get some high CRI bulbs that are impressive (depending on application)