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Light Will Pierce The Darkness
Nepean, ON

[WIN8] This is a Paradigm Shift

WOW, a TRUE Paradigm Shift .... and IMO only MICROSOFT can pull it OFF.

Business Centers Take Heed; This is a Paradigm Shift

When it comes to the roll out of Windows 8 it’s a “good news bad news” sort of thing as early adopters scramble to get their arms around what amounts to a major paradigm shift from Microsoft. Windows 8 is all about collaboration, connectivity and communications and it’s all centered around mobile devices. Business center owners need to watch the roll out of Windows 8 carefully.

Here’s the good news. Mobility is here to stay and we now have an OS that will help business centers to adapt. The list of mobile devices that are optimized for the new OS is long and includes some of the latest such as the HP Envy 4 Ultrabook, Sony T13 Touch Ultrabook, Asus VivoTab tablet and Samsung ATIV Windows 8 tablet. Needless to say, Windows 8 is also designed for touch screens. So the times they are a-changin’!

The “bad” news is mainly centered around usability. Remember all the advance hype with Vista? It took awhile to get used to the new interface. Now Gartner Group is skeptical that Windows 8 may have similar issues. They’re not alone. Early introductions to the new interface are not exactly being met with open arms. There are thoughts this roll out could be premature. After all, the world is still full of notebooks, laptops and even conventional desktops (I still have one).

I have read that Staples is making an effort to educate new users of Windows 8 (although I think you need to buy something from them first…). They have a program called “8 Was Easy” and are apparently conducting classes. Might be something to check out.

Whether it’s premature, a smart or “not so smart” move by MicroSoft, or something else altogether — Windows 8 just may be the catalyst that wakes us up to the fact that there is just no ignoring the shift to mobile. As business center owners, you need to realize that, no matter what you might think of it, your customers are flocking to mobile smart phone use in numbers that are multiplying quickly. A “luddite” mentality just doesn’t work here. We all need to “get on board” and embrace the technology.

Don’t they say “Be where your clients are”? They may be looking for a quick way to book some space from their iPhones right now. Will they be able to find you? Maybe Windows 8 can help.

David Mozer
IT-Expert on Call
Information Technology for Home and Business