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Bay, AR
reply to Jim_in_VA

Re: [General] Home Fusion install scheduled

said by Jim_in_VA:

call Verizon up and raise hell, they stated "double" data allowance the first two months .... hold'em to it

Had actually did this this morning. When I talked to the rep on the phone, he said for some reason, it wasn't showing me eligible for the 50% more data, even though I've only been with them for a month. So he went into the system and changed a few things and added it to it. Also told me because of the mix-up, I get a extra 5gb on my bill next month. It reset today and it shows 35gb allowance (not counting the 50% more. They told me that is counted in when the bill is made up, not on the meter). Pretty nice of them since I wasn't really being pissy, just wanted to ask them why I wasn't getting the extra data lol