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West Chester, OH

Free Network Monitoring Software?

I would like to run a free network software monitor on a friend's PC so that we can collect the data to show a capacity increase is needed.

I know the Router being used now is Netgear WGT624. I use remote access software to help resolve PC issues and my connection is dropped a lot. Just looking at the signal strength and speed from Windows Network and Sharing Center when I am connected shows speeds in the 2.2Mbs range. My friend needs to use VOIP and sometimes the calls just can't be made.

If I could chart the speeds over times, we hopefully could provide rational for a router upgrade. At the very least we might find a time of day that VOIP could be attempted when it is more likely to work.

Any simply and free suggestions?


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Castle Rock, CO

While I realize this doesn’t answer your question, for a shared connection, particularly one at that might be considered slow for modern broadband (~2Mbps), QoS will be very important for VoIP calls—and you should look for see if your router supports this (and, if not, get one that does). That said, I recommend the use of DSLReports’ own SmokePing — »/smokeping — to chart connection reliability issues. Beyond that, if you want to chart bandwidth utilization, you will likely need a router that supports SNMP (and you’ll need to enable it if it’s not on by default) and a tool to collect and chart the SNMP data.

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Conway, SC
reply to artesian79

What is your friend trying to use for VOIP? It sounds like more of a QoS issue than anything, which yes, could point toward the router.

If it's an appliance (like Vonage or Ooma), try connecting the SIP box to the modem, then the router to it. Otherwise try connecting the affected computer directly to the modem and see if the issue persists.

VOIP doesn't take much bandwidth per call, maybe 100k.


West Chester, OH

She is using MagicJack which worked fine from my home with her new laptop, and sometimes works fine at her location. Other times there is too much "breaking up" on the line. The location's network speeds when I looked before buy MJ for her was 54Mbs, and I thought limited by her very old laptop. Her new one of course has wireless "N" and when we checked with her facilities forks the capacity of the router was well more than necessary.

I'm just now finding out that they have problems with slowness and people having problems with no one to help. I see 2.2Mbs to 18Mbs now.

I'd like to be able to create a chart to show the facilities people the service outages and speeds the residents are getting to see if we can generate an awareness and perhaps concern.

Right now she tries MJ then goes to a phone card if necessary and it will run out soon. She makes at least 30 min of long distance daily so MJ would be great.

We have only wireless access to the router above. We do not have physical access to the modem or the router/s.

Spring, TX
reply to artesian79

No matter which way you look the traffic has to be looked at from the Router/Switch.
This is not a simple task.

Raleigh, NC
reply to artesian79

Wait. So you're saying she's connected via wireless (wifi) to some apartment complex(?) free, shared wifi? And it's slow and randomly dropping connections? I'm not suprised by this at all.

Her connection to the AP is most likely not the problem. The internet connection being shared by who knows how many people will be the killer here. Getting SNMP access to the router may not be possible. If it is, MRTG will do the job.

reply to artesian79

So long as the WGT624 (or whatever you're trying to poll on) supports polling by SNMP, something
like PRTG or MRTG is a good choice.

You haven't clearly explained though artesian79 -- is this wireless / internet connection NOT owned
by your friend and she's simply leaching off of it? Or is it part of some "service" offered, like free
wifi at a hotel / motel?



reply to artesian79

said by artesian79:

We have only wireless access to the router above. We do not have physical access to the modem or the router/s.

you expect to have a good signal for your Voip to run when you're only "accessing" the wireless signal from above somebody's unit?

does this unit owner even know you're "accessing" his / her wifi signal?

said by artesian79:

If I could chart the speeds over times, we hopefully could provide rational for a router upgrade.

suggest a router upgrade for the unit owner above who you're trying to "access" wifi signal from so you can get your MJ running properly at their expense?

you need to clarify first...

does your friend have her OWN internet connection?
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