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Re: Best Buy is so crappy...

People have been claiming Vonage would be out of business by now and are not going anywhere any time soon. The same with Clear they have customers and are still making $$$. Vonage has cut down a ton of money being wasted, like those nice post cards they'd send out, and all of the TV ads. You may see an ad here and there but for the most part they don't really advertise anymore besides word of mouth. and TWC DP is actually powered by Sprint Wholesale in most of their areas.
Vonage will eventually be a goner, if you believe anything else you're a fool.

Ooma has a great product, its cheap because well, they have people behind them with $$$$ the same as Magic Jack and they've been around for a few years as well and don't look like their going anywhere.

I don't care how great it is. If it wasn't for this site, I would have never heard of it. I do not do business with small comapanies that I know won't exist in a few years. Magic Jack reminds me of some fly by night company. I will laugh and say 'I told you so' when one day on the front page on this site there is a story about Magic Jack ceasing operations.

The only thing that may go anywhere is the standard landline and DP companies from the MSOs if they don't learn to compete on price. They're starting to price their product right up their with a regular land line so why would I want to buy from TWC when I can go to AT&T and be priced the same, and actually CHEAPER if I bundle something else with it?? TWC DP- $55 after taxes generally in Ohio. AT&T One Rate Unlimited - $50 after taxes in most of Ohio. Why wouldn't you take AT&T?
Actually Comcast and Time Warner cable are two of the top five phone companies in the nation, behind AT&T, Verizon and Century Link. So no, traditional landline and cable telephony aren’t going to be over taken by any rinky dinky lame small VoIP startups anytime soon. And didn’t I already cover bundling with other services? In most cases bundling cable internet with cable telephony is cheaper than bundling a regular land line with shitty slowass DSL.

And please post proof of the $55 charge for Time Warner’s phone service standalone. Last I knew, Time Warner charged $42.95 plus tax for phone, and that price was pretty much standard nationwide. Now way is there $12 in taxes being charged on phone.
For the future of our nation, we must unite and vote out the terrorist known as Hussein Obama. Come November 6 2012 we must remove the socialist pig out of office and get our country back on the RIGHT track.

Lavalette, WV
Perhaps you've not heard of Callcentric.
Definitely not some fly-by-night operation.

If they were they wouldn't be at the top (as high as that can be, since this is only one site) of the VoIP GBU chart here.

I don't like how you're saying basically any VoIP company is a shady fly-by-night won't-exist-a-few-days-from-now company.

Not all VoIP is the same, mind you.
The whole point's to get the best value for you - you might find one provider works better than all others, and cheaper.

Are you saying that just because a company is 'big' that it'll be able to provide 'better' service?
I say not.