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Re: [INTERNET] - What to do when you experience a DDoS attack?

said by urbanriot:

said by TechNut2:

But for the SMB space

In the SMB space, the business' should have someone competent configure their DNS server that's responding to DNS requests rather than rely on the company that provides their connection to the internet.

What sort of equipment do you have between the internet and your DNS server?

I'm not sure you know what "SMB" means. In general, most small businesses who are the SMB's who would use a business internet service provided by Cogeco would likely NOT have someone to help set them up. In an ideal world, sure, but most do not.

What I would expect on a SMB connection is if there is a on-going attack on a system, the right thing for the ISP to do is some kind of intervention.

If you must know, I have a old cranky Nortel VPN box that has DNS turned on. It's crashes when changing settings, but, the VPN clients connect just fine. It was deciding to reply as a open DNS relay. Yes, I could go buy something else, but, such is life. It was just a firewall rule pointing to the wrong IP. Otherwise, my other DNS servers do not have that issue, and it stopped once the IP address was changed