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Whirlpool top-loader, burnt belt?

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My Whirlpool top-loader LSC8244EQ0 agitator stopped working last week. I took it apart and found the motor coupler in pieces. I ordered one and replaced it last night. This morning my wife washed a load. For the first ten minutes everything seems fine, then she reported burning smell and shut off the washer.

I took it apart and found a rubber belt/gasket loose on a round housing below the tub, and above the drive gear housing (?).

See the attached pictures for the loose belt/gasket.

1) What is this part?
2) Is it difficult to fix?

Thank you so much.


Alliance, OH

It's not a belt! It's just a sound deadener. Make sure you have the plastic parts of the coupler all the way on the shaft of the motor and the transmission. They should be flush with the tips of the shafts.



Thank you. I took the washer completely apart and inspected the transmission and clutch. Surprisingly they look very good.

I neglected to mention that when I first tried to put in the new motor coupler, I hammered it once too often and broke the piece. Not wanting to wait for another couple of days to get another new one, I improvised. I took the plastic piece from the broken coupler, drilled two holes where the two missing teeth was, and put in two 16p nails cut to length. (I know that was not smart.) The motor was very hot after my wife shut off the washer.

A little more research suggest that the reason motor gets hot during agitation is when the coupler was not aligned properly. It seems likely that my being clever was the true culprit.

I will wait for the new coupler to arrive, then try it out. If it does not work, well I think my wife is getting a new washer. After all, the label on this washer said it was made in 1996.


Pierrefonds, QC

When I saw your original post, I was thinking "Man this guy isn't on the east coast, who cares about a washer when sandy is coming in".

Then your last reply, showing California, proved me right.

You can tell who lives where by the topic of their threads at this time

Generator threads = East coast people
Anything else = Not east coast peopel

Account deleted

New Jersey
reply to washerbroken

You should be able to pick up a coupler at any appliance parts store.

Cho Baka
reply to washerbroken

Mine is from the mid 80's.

It pains me to think of getting rid of something that new.
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