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Mountain View, CA
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Re: [motherboard] Motherbaord help please ...

What psafux See Profile says here is correct.

The only counterpoint (sort of) I'd make is that if the motherboard CPU 12V connector is 2x4 (meaning 8 pins) then you should absolutely have a PSU that provides 2x4. You don't know how the motherboard manufacturer chose to distribute power trace-wise across the board; meaning, there's a reason the socket is 2x4 and not 1x4.

Yes, it is possible to plug in only "one leg" of (e.g. one 1x4 header only) and get a functioning system, but I have seem both consumer and server-grade boards misbehave when this happens. For example on one Supermicro system I had, the system would POST but then would begin to behave very strangely shortly thereafter (timecounter began behaving very strangely, and I began seeing bizarre behaviour pertaining to CPU power-saving modes and EIST); issue was 100% reproducible. Upgrading to a PSU that provided a native 2x4 connection solved all those problems. I later found a clause in the motherboard user manual that explicitly said something to the effect of "despite 1x4 working, don't do it, system instability may happen". So when you ask "will it be sufficient?" the answer is "possibly but then again possibly not".

If you're not sure if the board "truly" can work in this fashion, then contact the motherboard manufacturer or check the user manual. Never be afraid to talk to the motherboard manufacturer / technical support folks about questions like this!

Overall though, upgrading your PSU to one that offers 2x8 is probably the best choice overall. Most PSUs today allow for their 2x8 connector to actually be split in half so you end up with two 1x4 connectors (for systems which only have a 1x4 CPU 12V header).
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