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land of big
reply to MaynardKrebs

Re: Some Guy Bought the Data of 1.1 Million Facebook Users

said by MaynardKrebs:

»www.msnbc.msn.com/id/34825225/ns ··· over-it/

........ You know all those e-mails you send and receive on Facebook, along with those sent and received by more than 350 million users worldwide? They live forever on a Facebook database that doesn’t require a tool and a reason to access it; just a search query, says Anonymous Facebook Employee.

Shocked? Whether or not this story is in any way true, you shouldn’t be. Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently went on record speaking the same sentiments blathered by the big money data farmers that came before him; none of the cool kids care about privacy. Neither should you.

Good article, thanks.

I don't do FB. The only thing that "shocked" me was that the price for messing with so many people is now so cheap.

Somebody needs to give the "cool kids" a hard lesson. I don't give a rats what they care about, and I'm tired of putting up with them. Stuff like this always reminds me that it was black Africans who supplied the slave trade and sold other black Africans into slavery.

I don't think "cool kids" do history though.

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Galt's Gulch
said by goalieskates:

Somebody needs to give the "cool kids" a hard lesson.

And they'll probably get it--eventually.

To me all this social media (and video sites etc) is more of a cultural problem than a technical one. People have decided that they're prepared to share almost everything regardless of the consequences. Even people doing illegal things upload video (from a cameraphone etc) to EweToob and soon thereafter get arrested.

I'm sure a number of us did things in our youth that we'd rather not have made public. Fortunately in my day embarrassing stuff didn't travel far (only to family, friends etc) and with the passage of time and distance stuff has been forgotten.

We now live in an era where that is not true. Photo's, video and text comments will live on forever although they may change form. Someone Googling (or whatever we have then) you in 30 years will be able to pull up all that stuff in an instant.

But as you said
I don't think "cool kids" do history though.

Bummer for them.
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