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Re: [LA] Registering new modem?

The issue is back. No upload speed. I have a new modem, new router, and the tech found no signal issues. It has to be something in the cox network.


Norman, OK
·Cox HSI

I expereienced the same issue recently, however I woke up one morning to 4 bonded upstream channels. I think cox may be transitioning your market, I waited along time for cox to update our upstream channels in my area, I would read posts here about people not more than 10 minutes from me getting bonded upstream channels and wonder if I would be getting it as well. I think it cox is doing their best to service the areas in need then other areas.

I've been on the ultimate tier for over a year and so far my upstream speeds are pretty consistent since getting the bonded upstream channels. I think it won't be long before you are getting it too.

What tier of service do you have?



It could be that. I also think I have some noise in the box outside. Its continually trying to change signal channels for upload. If they are just doing upgrades, it's very invconvenient. Peple aren't 100 percent of their potential connection for $50/month or more while this is going on. I have another tech coming out tomorrow. I hope he can find it.