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Antioch, TN

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[Praise] I've had my share...

...of bad Comcast experiences. In fact, my internet connection has been hit-or-miss for years. After countless attempts to get Comcast to address their equipment starting at the pole rather than my equipment in my house, I'd pretty much given up and resigned myself to intermittent internet service.

A couple of weeks ago, my DVR began responding sluggishly to the remote. I could no longer access programs I'd recorded, nor could I fast-forward or reverse any shows, The DVR basically stopped operating like a DVR. Called Comcast, and in typical fashion, they flubbed 2 appointments with no-shows and no-calls explaining why. Calling them resulted in "no appointment was made" responses. I blew up on the rep, asked them to have a supervisor listen to the recordings of my calls (they allege that all calls are recorded) so they could hear that appointments were indeed made twice. The third time must be the charm, because the tech who came to my home was a dream come true. I had no idea Comcast employed anyone like him. He pushed a few buttons on the remote and some data screens appeared. He said he was going to check a few things and then replace the DVR. He then went outside. Over an hour later he was still outside, and I went out to see what was going on. He was replacing all cable, splitters, and fittings from the pole to the box on my house, as well as replacing the box itself! He said he couldn't believe how old that stuff was, and he couldn't just swap out DVRs and put his name on the paperwork claiming that the job was done. He spent a good 3 hours outside, and installed a newer model DVR with a much larger hard drive which works great. He also replaced all of Comcast's cable and splitters between the TV and the wall. Since his service call, my internet is better than it's ever been! THAT was what I call customer service. Thank you, Ray. I hope Comcast knows and appreciates what you do for their name.

West Linn, OR
Thanks for posting your positive experience. It is nice when customer service (from anywhere) exceeds expectations.


Colorado Springs, CO
said by Oregonian:

Thanks for posting your positive experience. It is nice when customer service (from anywhere) exceeds expectations.

It is great when service is great. I'm not sure, however, that in this instance, customer service exceeded expectations. Seems to me the OP got what should have been done on the first visit, that is, fix the problem. Normally, though, techs don't go inside the residence to change cables without a charge.
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