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Collinsville, IL
reply to left4dead

Re: [HSI] Promo up - Options now?

"Charter has also been a subject of intense criticism for its poor customer satisfaction ratings. J.D. Power and Associates currently ranks Charter as one of the worst providers for customer satisfaction, and is also ranked among the "Most Hated Companies in America."

My bad .... I've only had very positive experiences with Charter.

Tivo install ... started out hairy, but they went several extra miles to get them working. Tech even called the day after it was working to make sure it was still up.

HSI problems on initial install .... there again everyone was courteous and knew what they were talking about. They stayed with it till it was promptly corrected.


Burbank, CA
reply to anon anon
I'm not looking for the promo price of $29.99 when my deal expires - but some sort of discount from Charter for being a good, loyal on-time paying customer for the past few years.

Even if it's a few bucks, just something to show me that they are willing to keep their customers happy. I don't think that unreasonable especially since other companies are known to do the same.

I think one of the very IMPORTANT things to remember is to NOT confuse the corporate policies and directives from the executive
brASS tacks (CEO "Tommy Boy" Rutledge) with the ordinary rank and file Charter employees. I have found that the ordinary rank and file people especially the service techs, and even US based customer service and sales employees as generally VERY professional and genuinely concerned with making sure the customer is treated well. I have had very good experiences with those people.

The problem lies "at the top" as it usually does. Ever since Charter hired "Apple Pretender" CEO Tom Rutledge it appears that the customer is expected to bend over hold their cheeks open and "take it" when it comes to prices. I do have a feeling that the CSRs are giving this prick of a CEO "feedback" as to how customers are reacting, but it seems that Tommy Boy has a "vision" and it doesn't matter what the customer wants, as long as Tom can play
"visionary", even if it once again bankrupts the ailing company.