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Fishers, IN
reply to Immer

Re: [Classes] 5.0.4 Death Knight

as a Blood Tank i picked the following talents:
Blood Boil (absolutely a must to quickly spread and keep your diseases up
Purgatory (its saved my a$$ a few times now)
Asphyxiate (not the best for raid bosses but the whole tier is kinda trash imo)
Death Pact (didnt like this one at first but it goes well with Purgatory if i use with a DS all so)
Runic Corruption (more runic power = more attacks while your waiting on a rune)
Gorefiends Grasp (kind of an extra Death Grip and very good when you have more then one caster staying back or if you lose control of a mob and death grip is on cool down)

as for my rotation and why - i normally pull with death grip (have the glyph for an extra 5 feet) smack them with a IT and PS and by this time the other mobs have found their way to us...then i pop 2 blood boils to grab the agroo and slap out a death strike for i have taken some damage by this time...then i move into slapping my runic strikes (2-3) and by that time i have 1 unholy and 1 frost rune up and 2 blood...i will use another DS and pop 4 Blood Boils in a row and then another couple runic strikes and then 2 more death runes are up and i start popping them...usually this time i can get 6- blood boils off and by the time im done i have a DS ready to go and then i repeat the DS - Blood Boils with Runic Strikes in between and do this over and over again...i know its a long rotation but i do the same thing each pull and havent had trouble

when ever a free D&D pops i use it and BB of course and just to make up the time on the rotation with an extra RS

i have noticed alot of people talk about Heart Strike and use Blood Boil just to refresh but i NEVER use Heart Strike (why would i want to hit just 3 people when i could hit them all, especially since im normally the OT and the damage is very close)

IT,PS,BB,BB,DS,RS,RS,DS (first round)(BB,BB,BB,BB,RS,RS,BB,BB,DS,DS,RS,RS,RS)(repeating round)

some times for extra epicness i will pop a Empower Rune Weapon after my 2 DS for 8 BB in a row (the 2 blood runes are back up again by the time you use the 6 BB's and a few RS's) most the time i hold it back for the oh sh!t moment

DK's are AOE GODS but in single target i have found it very difficult to hold agroo so still working/looking on a good rotation (any out there?)

if your soloing something then you may want to spread your DS apart to get more benefit from them

Evans, GA
That's great that you get so much utility out of Runic Corruption. I'm still firmly in the Blood Tap camp. I'll have to re-evaluate my position on Purgatory when I start raiding. For now it looks like I'll be swapping out this tier the most often based on what I'm tanking.