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[Free/Paid] TinyMem Password Box v1.0 released

Click here to view the Password Box webpage

In recent times even large companies with billion dollar revenues have had their user databases leaked and passwords revealed for hackers around the world. This is where Password Box comes in, it generates strong passwords and allows you to easily and quickly retrieve them. It sits on your Windows taskbar using very little resources and with 2 clicks you have your password ready to go for your favorite website.

Password Box goes a step beyond and uses the best in encryption technology to protect your passwords so that even if your local machine is compromised your passwords cannot be obtained. If your laptop computer is ever stolen then the thief cannot log into any of the sites you use as all your passwords are locked down.

* Store all your passwords securely in one place
* Automatic encrypted backup
* Very low memory usage
* Easily retrieve passwords when wanted
* Copy straight into clipboard for easy pasting
* AES 256bit encryption
* Generate random passwords with close to 128 bits brute force protection
* Go to the website associated with a password
* 64bit (x64) support
* Group passwords into categories
Vendor: TinyMem - No bloat, energy efficient security and system software


Just a little background history on this app. I was a user of Keepass for many years until recently when I saw how bloated it had become and how many of its features I never used. It seemed to me like it had major feature creep.

Since I had Keepass open all day I didn't want to have a .NET app running in the background with close to 100MB memory usage and upwards of 28 threads. I stiill think Keepass is a secure application but the other aspects of it got to me.

I know there are lot of decent password managers out there but I really tried to make this one as user friendly as possible and clean and bloat free. If any of you have any suggestions or improvements I'd like to hear it too. Thanks.
Vendor: TinyMem - No bloat, energy efficient security and system software