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Doc Lithius

Rock, MI

Major Upgrades Coming Next Year?

I keep forgetting to make a topic about this...

So, I recently called HughesNet to inquire about Generation 4 service since, frankly, my HN9000 service has been well below my expectations this past year. The person on the line told me that, flat-out, service would never be available in my area (Upper Peninsula Michigan). This was rather disappointing. However... She also said something else, which I found interesting: Apparently, while we won't be able to get Gen4 in our area, we will be able to get something that's roughly half as good.

The representative claimed that next year, HughesNet will be upgrading stuff so users outside of the Gen4 area will be able to get speeds up to 5 Mbps. She said that we could even use the same satellite as always and that the upgrades will be for everyone not on Gen4, though she did say a new modem would be required.

So, I'm wondering... Has anyone actually heard anything about this? Or was the lady just trying to make me feel better because I will never experience reasonably fast speeds ever again?
ISP: HughesNet Satellite Internet
Modem Model: HN9000
Service Plan: Grandfathered ProPlus -- 425 MB + 100 MB/day, 1050 MB total, 1.6 Mbps DL; 250 Kbps UL)


I am pretty sure that the ones that can't get on the Jupiter bird will be on Spaceway 3 with plans sitting at 5Mbps. You will essentially use the same HN9XXX modem and radio I would assume, though, probably different software.

I know the HN9000 is capable of 5Mbps though according to the technical documents on one of Hughesnets websites. This is why I assume it will be a 9XXX series with updated software.


Edgewood, TX
reply to Doc Lithius
And how is Hughesnet not like Viasat?!? Sounds to me they are sister companies. They do exactly the same things, from speeds on legacy satellites to data allowance policies..


Interlaken, NY
with upgrades from Spaceway3 to Echostar XVII (Gen4) being done quickly, this will supposedly free up bandwidth on Spaceway3 to offer 5mbps by the end of 2012.


Jay, OK
·exede by ViaSat
reply to Doc Lithius
Spaceway 3 is capable of 5 Mb/s because enterprise level plans have been at that for a long time now. The trick is going to be conning a mass of 9000 customers that are in the Gen4 footprint into upgrading. With letting people keep their fap free hours overnight if they keep the service they have then I don't know if they will actually get enough upgrades to trim the overcrowded populations on the older systems. I suspect that if they do then at some point thil will swap 9000 customers over to the same plan system that they have with Gen 4 but with slower plan speeds capping out at 5 Mb/s, wuch like exede did.
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Reno, NV
reply to Doc Lithius
Well if that is the case than the plan pricing for SW3 should go down some as it wouldn't be right to pay the same price as Gen4 with the same plan. But knowing Hughes it will probably stay the same.
I have the same plan as you, did they happen to mention any of this?