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Nick D
Orange, CA
reply to Immer

Re: [MoP] How to motivate the rest of my guild

You're giving up VP gear which can be slotted in from raid drops, and coins, which just translates to more gear.

I mean, do you take a hit on your maximum output? Yes, but I'd argue that outside of world 100, becoming a better player will make a much larger impact than 3 more epics.

People should not feel like they cannot raid in the average raiding guild if they do not do dailies. And if people only play to raid, quitting because of dailies seems awkward.

This all being said, I agree with the view that it is dumb to have a variety of ways to get valor, but only one way to spend it.

Texan and Proud
Baytown, TX

Well without VP gear you'll have alot of grinding to get into LFR.

IE nearly 100% heroic gear, maybe you'll get lucky and get one of the few heroic epics, and then hopefully you'll farm the holidays for 470's

and of course hope to have the gold to get the crafted epics, because without rep you are not making them.