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united state
reply to altermatt

Re: [Northeast] Mail down with storm?

I have not had any issues with mail, I am in Maryland. I have gotten about 30 emails today and had no timeouts. It may just be another in the long string of mail screw ups by Verizon's crappy mail system.

White Plains, NY
·Verizon FiOS
I hear ya, but I just heard from a relative in PA that he, too, is experiencing the problem. I was getting email fine today until just a bit ago, when it totally timed out for all my VZ accounts (my domain emails are fine). The VZ webmail site is down as well (time out or connection reset), though the rest of the VZ site is working!

Not sure how badly Md. got hit? It's not awful here yet, but definitely started getting pretty bad, with the worst of it still to come later this afternoon.
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united state
I just checked the webmail again and it is still working for me as well as POP, hard to say what or where the problem is but it does not seem to be effecting all mail.

As far as Md, right now near Baltimore the wind is really starting to kick up and the rain is alternating between light to heavy but so far I have not had any power or inet issues. They are saying the worst is going to be between 6PM and 2AM so its hard to say what the future will be but my generator is ready to roll if i loose power.


No e-mail here either, Brooklyn.

On top of that internet speed has deteriorated. Inconsistent and much slower than usual, ~10Mbits.


Merrick, NY
reply to flashcore
Outgoing mail down here in Nassau county, NY.

Incoming mail spotty.

Internet OK.

Downed wire in street with the remnants of a blown transformer, wire pulled out of house. Power still on though. But not for long.

PO says LIPA not responding for anything until after the storm.