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Re: [MoP] How to motivate the rest of my guild

Raiding worthy guilds I want to apply, that actually can clear normal MSV, even if I was there before and demonstrated I'm a capable player geared enough for the raid, asking to fill a very long and tiresome application form, like I'm going to tell them the name of my first dog and names of my high school buddies to apply and like I going to remember the last 10 guilds I was in before. Sorry I'm here to play not to tell you a full story of my life dude (the recruiter).

I'm not even showing them my UI, it's my own, I use my keybinds as I please, my brain is not the same as you pal!. and like there's a valid world of logs I have right now since I've raid so little this expansion, I'm not looking for a DS one that I could remember..

Why they don't just let me try out, if I'm good I stay if not I leave.. simple as that..

Then it's back to pugging, where is no such complaints.. it could go well or very bad as in zero bosses downed bad in 3 hours.. that's a risk right now..