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Glendale, AZ

Nice but no SD slot

Why don't they include a SD slot? Is the battery removable?
High speed is dangerous. Too many MP3s, not enough time.

The O.C.
battery is non removable


East Amherst, NY
·Verizon FiOS
reply to phxmark
Whatever technical reason they give, it's bs. The real reason is lowering cost and raising margin, except for Apple (they make ungodly margin regardless). By selling higher flash, they make better margin. The "stripper" devices are the ones w/ 8/16GB. You just saw Google lower the price of the Nexus 7 to keep in line w/ Apple spec wise. Price wise, it's not even close.

What happened to the 8GB Nexus 7 that I have? That should be $150 I don't have any media on the thing and only have 2GB free. 8GB is just not enough and they know it. A true stripper.

As to the Nexus 7, I don't care because it's wifi, and if I'm not on wifi, I don't use it. If I really need extra storage, I plug in my OTG cable and have 32 GB in an instant. It's not as elegant as sd card, but this is where we have gone. It may seem silly to this bunch, but outside this the technical crew a very small portion of the population even know they have SD in their phone or how to use it. They only know what's quoted on the specs.

In fact the times that I want to use media, is when I'm "off the grid". Planes, away from home, trains. I don't have unlimited data, so by playing my media in the cloud 100% of the time can get expensive.

I read a blog where Google said monolothic storage reduces support calls (which it probably does), so I get it. But they too want everything in the cloud, which is at odds with the carriers who tax you heavily for using the cloud today.

Answer: Use OTG cable or something like the Kensington Wi-drive.


Avon, OH
Yeah, not to mention that both my phone and my wife's phone have had their microSD cards die in the last 3 months, after only about 2 years.

The internal storage should be more reliable than the cheap cards most people shove into phones, and the results from a borked SD card can be confusing and non-obvious. (e.g. the predictions stopped popping up on swiftkey, camera wouldn't save pics, handcent wouldn't play notification sounds)

Also, android is not set up to allow for widgets to be used from the SD card, and SD card apps cannot run on startup when rebooting the phone. I'm sure they could fix the issues, but it was probably much simpler to dictate this part of their specs and let the manufacturers deal with the headaches if they decide to include the SD slot.

Jacksonville, FL
reply to mromero
Starting to see why the phone is so cheap now; no SD slot, non replaceable battery, paltry internal storage; my My Touch 4G which is 2 years old had 16GB. Sorry, but I will pass.

Boynton Beach, FL
said by fldiver:

Starting to see why the phone is so cheap now; no SD slot, non replaceable battery, paltry internal storage; my My Touch 4G which is 2 years old had 16GB. Sorry, but I will pass.

I've had phones with non replaceable batteries for a few years now. Not once have I ever felt the need or had the desire to remove or replace a battery. In fact I rather like not having a plastic battery cover to fall off or break.

If I did need to replace a battery I can go to one of the many local smartphone repair shops and have it replaced while I wait for a few dollars. For extra tech fun I can get a tool kit and DIY. However, I've never needed to replace a battery.