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Wirless router question

I had hughes net for about 3 years and it got so slow at night and just pathetic i switched to exede. However now for some reason my wireless router stops working for a few minuets. I never had the problem with hughes. Im just wondering if anyone else had this problem and if there is a quick fix the router is 3 years old as well and might be getting old its a 802.11g linksys cisco.


Goodwater, AL
Right now there's a known DHCP handshake problem between the SB2 modem and certain routers...most routers work OK.

Make sure you download and install the latest firmware for your router, this solved the problem for some routers, not others.

In the meantime, the easy solution is to log into your router and try one or two Release/Renew DHCP functions...if that does not work, power-cycle your router once or twice, and last thing to do is power-cycle the modem..

Word is they are working on a final solution, which may involve new software on their servers and/or new firmware downloaded to the SB2 modems.

It would help if you contacted them and gave them the model number of your router...they have a team troubleshooting this problem with the different routers that have problems.
Exede12, ViaSat-1, beam 342, Albuquerque Gateway, Denver AcceleNet servers


Thanks ill try firmware update. I did the unlug stuff. Ill probably get a new router anyways and if it doesent work bring it back. Internet works fine plugged in with wire so not to bad to work around.


1. Power off router/computer and wireless devices.

2. Wait one minute, and then power off SB2 modem

3. Let it all sit overnight, and then power up SB2 modem in morning, and wait until three lights are lit solid.

4. Then power up router...wait until fourth light is lit solid on SB2 modem.

5. Power up computer and wireless devices