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Raleigh, NC
reply to xdxml12

Re: Network Maintenance Procedures

It depends entirely on the situation. For example, in a 24/7 "always on" environment, your requirements are a lot different than in a 9-5 m-f office. In the former, you cannot turn anything off, ever. (think "CO phone switch") In the latter, you could power off the entire building all day over a weekend.

I work somewhere in the middle... there are numerous automatic processes that run outside office hours every day -- and there are a few people in Israel (+6 hr) that access our lab setup. If I've taken something offline during one of those times, those processes will obviously fail. It's usually not a problem, but it can raise questions as to why it failed.


Thanks, it is something sort of similar. I found answers to do with ITIL and change management. I think its a more complicated than I thought. I will need to do some more reading.