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Hamilton, ON

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[Windows] Minimal configuration VPN suite


I am currently researching to little avail for VPN software for end-users where two users can set up a client/server suite with minimal configuration, similar to LogMeIn Hamachi or Comodo Unite (but doesn't need to be that same client-to-client model with centralized servers but it can be).

The primary caveat with the aforementioned software packages is that both packages blatantly violate internet standards (with no signs of true rectification of this, just "use IPv6 mode" workarounds) and have users utilizing to "avoid colliding with internal address space", to which neither company approached IANA nor the IETF for creating a standard similar to RFC1918 with 10/8, 172.16/12 and 192.168/16. This leaves me unable to suggest these packages in good faith knowing that the users can't access "real" 5/8 space with the software active if they may need to at some point (say a server is located in that space or something). This is the same reason I don't like Cisco as a vendor for Wireless AP solutions due to the net-1/8 violation.

What I need is secure software that perhaps the users could set the IP space utilized themselves but should be relatively simple — software I could create a short guide for could work as well, but most existing VPN server/client suites I note require extensive networking background with setting up certificates, setting which crypto is utilized, the authentication mechanisms, the tunnelling protocol to use so forth. I would also prefer (but it isn't required) this software be able to create a point-to-point connection between the users and not rely on a third party server's bandwidth for service.

If anyone could suggest anything, that's be great. The target platform for the users is Windows Vista on one end and 7 on the other.

--Kradorex Xeron
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